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China increases Russian coal imports

China's first-half receipts of Russian thermal coal rose by 15pc from a year earlier to 9.4mn t, Chinese customs data show, with imports of bituminous coal registering the most significant growth. Russian suppliers benefited from restrictions on imports of Australian coal imposed by the Chinese government. Russia's share of thermal coal imports to China increased by 1.2 percentage ...

Modified: 15.08.2019
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Russia Entered The Top Ten Heat Exchanger Exporters

... top ten heat exchanger exporters, since its export of this production amounted to $435 mln. Russia’s export volume increased by 4% (+$1.6 mln) compared to 2017. The geography of supplies comprised 56 countries, while India became the largest importer that accounted for 70% of Russia’s heat exchanger supplies. India’s import volume of Russian heat exchangers doubled compared to the previous year and reached $303 mln. Other major importers of Russian heat exchangers were Bulgaria ($47 mln),...

Modified: 09.07.2019
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Russia lifts import ban on stone fruit from Serbia, North Macedonia

Russia lifted an import ban on stone fruit from North Macedonia and Serbia, the Rosselkhoznadzor agriculture watchdog said in a statement. Moscow imposed the ban in August on some fruit from the two countries after it said it had found the Monilinia fructicola fungus ...

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The Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation offers foreign investors to participate in a survey on “What changes are needed in Russian legislation so as to create the most comfortable environment for doing business in the Russia?"

Nowadays, the world economy requires greater state involvement to international investment flows to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the country. Therefore, the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation, given the best domestic and foreign experience, is currently developing a package of bills that will significantly increase the investment attractiveness of the country. One of the key aims of the package of bills is to create completely clear, comfortable and...

Modified: 16.05.2019
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Canned Asparagus Is An Acquired Taste

According to the Federal Custom Service of Russia, from January to February, 2019 Russia’s export of canned asparagus (prepared or preserved otherwise than by vinegar) was 2.5 times as much as its import. For this period Russia exported 316 kg of this product for the total amount of $1.2 thous. and imported 155 kg worth $474. All canned asparagus supplies went to Belarus. Russia imported canned asparagus from China (51%), Peru (34%) and Italy ...

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Export of agricultural equipment from Russia to Uzbekistan increases

Export of Russian agricultural equipment to Uzbekistan increased 7.5 times compared to 2017, to $20,817 million, Trend reports the press service of Russia's Rosspetsmash association. Russian plants export a wide range of agricultural machinery to Uzbekistan: grain and forage harvesters, energy-efficient tractors, harrows, seeders, balers and other equipment. Russia also supplies Russian road construction equipment, such as truck cranes, excavators, bulldozers, and smelters. Meanwhile, industrial...

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First step for Turkey to import Russian meat and dairy products

... believe such decisions will be reached in the coming weeks," TASS quoted Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey Alexei Yerkhov as saying. "This is a kind of a breakthrough, we have been trying to reach the Turkish market with our goods and this is very important and great," the ambassador said. Representatives of the two countries have been discussing the issue of Russian meat supplies to Turkey since 2017, according to the news agency. The settlement comes after Moscow lifted a number of limitations ...

Modified: 24.04.2019
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Russia top market for Turkey's fresh fruit, vegetable exports

In the first two months of this year, Turkey exported approximately $365.66 million worth of fresh fruits and vegetables, with Russia importing the most Turkish produce at around $104.53 million. Turkey exported 697,577 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to 100 countries in January and February. Russia ranked first in the amount of produce imported from Turkey, followed by Iraq ...

Modified: 11.03.2019
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Russia Increases vodka export

Russia increased vodka exports by 8.3% in the first nine months of 2018. The growth is largely due to the increase in the value of the product. According to the Federal Custom Service, in the first nine months of 2018, Russia’s exports of vodka amounted to $ 99.5 mln or 1.475 bn deciliters, which is 0.5% less then in 2017.

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Russia Armenia’s top partner in import and export

... million USD, the balance made 1 billion 363 million. “About 14% comes to share of Switzerland, 10,5% to Bulgaria, 6.8 to Germany, 5.3 to Iraq,” Minister of Economic Development and Investments Artsvik Minasyan informed. Russia tops the import part too with 28.6%, followed by China 7.3%, Georgia 7.2%, Germany 5.5% and Iran 4.7%. Source:

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... vehicles sectors. TRADE MISSION A recent Trade Mission to Kazan in Tatarstan that the RBCC organised in April is illustrative of the reception UK companies can expect when considering the Russian regions as potential investment destinations. Despite the importance of oil and gas to the economy of Tatarstan, the regional government has implemented an ambitious diversification programme and has worked hard at creating a favourable investment climate for foreign businesses. It has established Special Economic ...

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Chinese entrepreneurs will purchase flax fibre made in Smolensk

... flax fibre manufactured in Smolensk in batches of 20 tons and more. Muling City Xin Ling Line Textile Co., Ltd produces yarn from flax fibre, which quality is ranging from number 9 to number 13, and sells it to other countries. Today the corporation imports the major part of the raw material from France. But it is already now that the Chinese entrepreneurs are ready to buy over 5,000 tons of the flax fibre per year from Russian manufacturers, in particular, from the ones located in the Smolensk Region....

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Russia iIncreased footwear and apparel import

According to the Federal Custom Service of Russia, in the first half of 2018 Russia has imported 28.9 mln pairs of leather footwear, it is a 20.9% increase compared to the same period of 2017. Leather footwear import in terms of value has increased by 24.2% to $778.7 mln. In June leather footwear import has stood at 4.6 mln pairs, it ...

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Russia Increased Cocoa Product Import By 65%

For the first half of 2018 supplies of cocoa products to Russia have grown by 65% to 60 thous. tn. Import of cocoa oil and cocoa beans has also increased by 20% and 11% respectively. Experts note that parallel to increasing cocoa products import Russia expands export of confectionary. From January to May, 2018 Russia’s export of confectionary ...

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Russia is the key market for Azerbaijani persimmons

Azerbaijan plans to produce 200,000 tons of persimmons by the end of this year, which will slightly exceed last year's figure, said Gadir Yusifov, the chairman of the Azerbaijan Association of Persimmon Producers and Exporters, who added that the revenues obtained from the export of these products in 2017 amounted to $100 million. This is a fairly good result, believes the chairman of the association, since this amount is expected to be stable in monetary terms this year, partly due to the fact...

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Azerbaijan in talks with Russia to increase electricity import

Azerbaijan started negotiations for increase of electricity import from Russia, head of the Public Relations Department of the Azerbaijan’s energy company Azerenerji Yahya Babanli said. "Azerbaijan started talks to increase electric power import from Russia. Chief executive of Azerenerji Etibar Pirverdiev ...

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Russia to reduce threshold of duty-free import of parcels below 500 euro

The Russian Government will continue reducing the threshold of duty-free import of parcels below 500 euro in order to make conditions of doing business equal for Russian and foreign online stores, Deputy Minister of Economic Development Oleg Fomichev told TASS in an interview. "We will reduce the cost of parcels exempt ...

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Investment in Crimean Viticulture on Steep Rise

The Crimea’s imports of grapevine cuttings showed a steep and steady growth during the past three years. The Crimea imported 123 tons of cuttings to $2.5m in 2016 — five times more in value terms than in the previous year. In 2017, the peninsula’s imports ...

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China Key Importer of Russian Whales, Other Marine Mammals

China boosted its imports of live whales, dolphins, porpoises, sea-cows, dugongs, seals, sea lions and walruses from Russia to US$6.8m in 2016 — a 32% increase on the previous year. China accounts for 99% of Russia’s exports of marine mammals which amounted to ...

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