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Ivanovo Region Exports To France Automobile Braking Systems, Medical Electro-diagnostic Apparatus and Bulldozer Buckets

From January to April, 2019 Ivanovo Region’s export to France stood at $1.6 mln. The region supplied to France the following goods: • Brakes and servo-brakes for vehicles; • Medical, surgical instruments and appliances, electro-diagnostic apparatus (including apparatus for functional exploratory examination ...

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Russia Expands Turbo-jet And Turbo-propeller Gas Turbine Parts Export To China, France and India

In 2018 Russia’s export of turbo-jet and turbo-propeller gas turbine parts increased by 25% compared to the previous year and amounted to $307 mln. The geography of supplies covered 32 countries, mainly China, France and India. In 2018 China was the largest importer of Russia’s turbo-jet and turbo-propeller gas turbine parts. China’s import volume increased by 24% compared to 2017 and reached $89 mln. For the last 5 years Russia’s supplies of this production ...

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Russia and France Expand Bilateral Trade

In 2018 Russia’s export to France had a 2.4-fold increase compared to 2017 and reached $7.78 bn. Russia’s import from France also increased (+4.8%) and amounted to $9.56 bn. The bilateral trade turnover went up by 40%. In the trade structure Russia’s import from France was ...

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The USA, France, China, Italy: Who Else Buys Russian Music Boxes?

According to the Federal Custom Service of Russia, in 2018 Russia’s export of music boxes went up by 15% and amounted to $24.1 thous. Russian music boxes were imported by such countries as Kazakhstan, the USA, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, France, China, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkmenistan and Chile. The largest music box exporters among Russian regions were St. Petersburg city (32% of export value), Moscow city (22%), Moscow Region (21%), Primorye Territory (16%), Sverdlovsk Region (3%),...

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France Is The Largest Perfumery Supplier to Russia

From January to November, 2018 Russia’s import of perfume and eau de toilette reduced by 4% compared to the same period of 2017 and amounted to $461.09 mln. France traditionally became the leading perfume and eau de toilette supplier to Russia and accounted for 58.6% of Russia’s import of this production. Also among the major suppliers there were Italy (11.9%), Spain (7.2%), the United Kingdom (4.7%),...

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Germany, France, Italy become biggest foreign investors in Moscow's economy

Germany, France and Italy were the biggest foreign investors in the economy of Russia’s capital last year, head of the Moscow department of foreign economic and international relations Sergei Cheremin said Wednesday, adding that the total amount of direct accumulated ...

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France and Russia believe in successful future of nuclear sector

Russia and France are successfully cooperating in the nuclear sector and are convinced it has good perspectives globally, CEO of Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom Alexei Likhachev, said in an interview with France’s Le Figaro. "We maintain partner ...

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Russia-France trade turnover up 25% in three months of 2018

The trade turnover between Russia and France soared by 25% in first three months of this year, Russia’s ambassador to France Aleksei Meshkov said. "Russia and France are at a fairly favorable stage of bilateral relations’ development today," he said and mentioned the recent ...

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Russia, France sign agreements totaling about 1 bln euro

Russia and France signed agreements amounting to about 1 bln euro during the visit of France’s President Emmanuel Macron to Russia, Chief Executive of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev said. "The total amount of agreements signed ...

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Trade turnover between Russia and France grew by 15% in 2017. Roughly 1,200 French companies working in Russia have created some 150,000 new jobs in the country. Energy is one of the top sectors with French companies gaining access to the Russian energy market: Engie plans to take part ...

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Who Prizes Russian Furs?

Russia’s exports of ready-to-wear natural fur clothes reached US$2 million in the first nine months of 2017. Four countries accounted for 87% of the exports: Belarus (37%) and Kazakhstan (34%) with their cold winters, and France (10%) and Italy (8%), with their cool flair for smart turnout. Italian imports of Russian fur clothes rose to US$158,000 from January through September 2017 — 13 times from the first nine month in 2016, while Belarusian went up by 76%, closely ...

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