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Structural upgrade in exports, imports boosts trade between China and Russia

In 2018, trade between the two countries was more than $100 billion, according to data released by the Ministry of Commerce in January. China’s trade with Russia could be further boosted as bilateral goods trade is undergoing a structural upgrade amid downward economic pressure and stagnant global trade, said industry insiders at the economic forum at the 125th Canton Fair in Guangzhou,...

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China plans to cooperate with Russia in internet trade, space and aircraft industry

China’s authorities intend to develop cooperation with Russia in the sphere of internet trade, space and aircraft industry to double the volume of bilateral trade, increasing it to $200 billion, Premier of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang told ...

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Russia Increases Fish Export To China, South Korea And Japan

In 2018 Russia’s fish export went up by 7.8% and amounted to 1.6 mln tons. Export value reached $2.9 bn (+22%). The largest importer of Russian fish was China. In 2018this country imported 980.2 thous. tons of fish for the total amount of $1215.5 mln (+31.9%). The Republic of Korea and the Netherlands ranked 2 nd and 3 rd respectively. In 2018 there was the significant growth of fish export to Japan, ...

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China Imported Russian Turbojet Engines Worth $1.2 bn

According to the Federal Custom Service of Russia, in 2018 China became the largest importer of Russia’s export. Thus, the volume of Russian export supplies to China reached $56 bn, it is a 44% increase (+$17.1 bn) compared to 2017. One of the major goods exported by Russia to China was turbojets engines ...

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The USA, France, China, Italy: Who Else Buys Russian Music Boxes?

According to the Federal Custom Service of Russia, in 2018 Russia’s export of music boxes went up by 15% and amounted to $24.1 thous. Russian music boxes were imported by such countries as Kazakhstan, the USA, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, France, China, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkmenistan and Chile. The largest music box exporters among Russian regions were St. Petersburg city (32% of export value), Moscow city (22%), Moscow Region (21%), Primorye Territory (16%), Sverdlovsk Region (3%), Rostov ...

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China Imported 10.6 Thous. Ton Of Russian Chocolate Sweets In 2018

In 2018 China imported from Russia 10.6 thous. Ton of chocolate sweets (without alcohol filling), it is a 28% increase compared to 2017. The export value of these supplies amounted to $24.5 mln. China is the second largest importer of Russian chocolate sweets....

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Russia’s Export To China Exceeded Its Import

For the first time in 12 years Russia’s export to China exceeded its import by $3.9 bn. In 2018 the bilateral trade turnover increased by 25% and reached $108 bn. Russia’s export amounted to $56.1 bn and went up by 44%, while Russia’s import rose by 8%, RBK noted with the reference to the Federal ...

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Russia To Export Diary to China

Russian companies may export to China concentrated and not concentrated cream, buttermilk, yoghurt, kephir, whey, butter, cheese, curd and casein (obtained from cow, goat or sheep milk). China has approved the diary export by following Russian companies: ZAO “Alekseevskiy molochno-konservniy ...

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Russia Boosts Chinese Luminaria Import

For the first 10 months of 2018 Russia’s luminaria import amounted to $16.7 mln and increased by 30% compared to the all previous year ($12.8 mln). China and the Republic of Korea traditionally became the main luminaria suppliers to Russia. They accounted for 57.7% and 37.2% of Russia’s luminaria import. These suppliers increased luminaria export value by 27% and 31% respectively.

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Russian Nuclear Fuel To Be Supplied For Chinese Reactor

AO TVEL and Chinese CNLY company (CNNC holding) have signed a contract to supply nuclear fuel for under-construction fast neutron reactor CFR-600. The contract stipulates uranium fuel supply both for initial loading and refueling during the first seven years of reactor facility exploitation. A new production site for manufacturing fuel assemblies for CFR-600 reactor is planned to be open by machinery plant PAO MSZ (TVEL holding) in Elektrostal city. Chinese partners choose State Atomic Energy...

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Russia-China Trade Turnover Exceeded $100 bn in 2018

As of mid-December, 2018 Russia-China trade turnover exceeded $100 bn. According to official representative of Chinese Ministry of Commerce Gao Fen, this is a historical record high. He also added that Russia ranks first among China’s trade partners for trade turnover growth ...

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Amur Region Exported to China Soybeans Worth $86 million

From January to July, 2018 Amur Region has exported more than 279 thous. of soybeans valued at $86.09 mln and thus almost tripled its export of this product compared to the same period of 2017. China has become the largest importer of Amur Region’s soybeans (99.6%) and bought 278.7 thous. tn of soybeans for the total amount of $85.75 mln. Kazakhstan has imported 542.12 tn of Amur Region’s soybeans worth $288 thous. Small-scale soybean ...

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Rosneft plans to deliver up to 50 mln tonnes of oil to China

According to the Russian Customs Service, annual oil supplies from Russia to China has amounted to 52.6 mln tonnes. Rosneft accounts for 75% of oil supplies. «Partnership with China for Rosneft is a deliberate strategic choice. Rosneft sells one third of all exported oil to China. Rosneft plans to deliver up to 50 mln ...

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Russia eyes opening consulate general in China’s Harbin

Russia is considering plans of opening a consulate general in northeastern China’s Harbin. "In July, a decision was made on opening the consulate general in Thailand’s resort of Phuket. The opening date depends on solving a number of financial and technical issues.  Now we are also studying the issue on opening the ...

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In The First half of 2018 Russia Exported To China More Grains Than The Whole Of 2017

Following the meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping held in Vladivostok on September 11, 2018 Russia’s President Vladimir Putin outlined that in the first half of 2018 Russia has exported to China 656 thous. tn of grain, it is more than the figure for the whole of 2017. At the moment the two countries continue negotiations on increasing the number of Russian companies authorized to export wheat to China and simplifying the procedures of ...

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Tomsk Penguins Bring Ice-Cream To China

Tomsk ice-cream brand “33 Penguins” has opened an ice-cream parlour in Suzhou (Jiangsu Province of China). Preparing for a franchise launch took about a year and a half. Tomsk ice-cream is not a novelty for Chinese customers, because company’s production has already entered Shanghai market. In total the company has 20 sales outlets in China ...

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Russia-China Trade Turnover Increased By 25.7%

According to the Chinese General Administration of Customs, for the first eight months of 2018 Russia-China trade turnover has amounted to $67.5061 bn, it is a 25.7% increase compared to the same period of 2017. Export of Chinese goods to Russia has grown by 13.5% to $31.1645 bn, while import of Russian goods to China has reached $36.3416 bn (+38.5%)....

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China intends to increase natural gas

China intends to increase natural gas supplies from Russia and Kazakhstan in the near future. The deliveries should begin on December 20, 2019. Also, Russia’s Novatek gas producing company jointly with the CNPC is implementing the Yamal LNG project....

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240 tn of Altai Ice-Cream Go to China and Mongolia

In 2018 Altai Territory has exported more than 240 tn of ice-cream to China and Mongolia. According to Rosselkhoznadzor Regional Office in Altai Territory, for the first half of 2018 the region has exported 228 tn of these sweets to China and 13 tn to Mongolia. Altai Territory has been exporting ice-cream for more than ...

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Chinese tourism to Russia more than doubled this year

China's largest travel agency reported that the number of Chinese travelers visiting Russia saw a significant boost from January through July compared to the same period last year.  “ Over the past few years, Russia has become a destination enjoying ...

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Rosatom starts to load nuclear fuel at 4th power unit of China’s Tianwan NPP

Russia’s state civil nuclear power corporation Rosatom has started to load nuclear fuel at the fourth power unit of the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant in China, Rosatom said in a statement on Saturday. "On August 25, 2018, at 7:20 p.m. (2:20 p.m. Moscow time), the first fuel assembly was loaded into the active zone of the reactor at the fourth power unit of the Tianwan NPP in China," the statement ...

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China considers construction of high-speed railroad to Russia’s Far East

A 180km-long high-speed railroad could soon link China’s city of Suifenhe in southeastern Heilongjiang province with Russia’s Vladivostok in the Far East. The project is worth $7 billion, according to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev, who is the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal ...

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Chinese entrepreneurs will purchase flax fibre made in Smolensk

During the business meeting between representatives of Muling City Xin Ling Line Textile Co., Ltd (China), members of the Export Support Centre and entrepreneurs from Smolensk within the first All-Russian Flax Field Day 2018, it was agreed that the Chinese partners are ready to purchase the flax fibre manufactured in Smolensk in batches of 20 tons ...

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China planning to develop tourist routes across Russia’s Arctic region

Beijing wants to develop tourist routes in the Arctic region. Chinese tourists, it says, are attracted to the area by its unique natural environment and complex ecosystem. “China does not have Arctic territories, and thus this kind of tourism is of special interest for China – both from the point of view of studies, and from the point of view of new impressions, of new tourism products,” said the Russian Federal ...

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Russia may export Project 22800 corvettes to Vietnam, India, China

Russia may supply Project 22800 corvettes codenamed Karakurt, armed with the Kaliber missiles, to Vietnam, China, India and other countries of the Asia-Pacific Region, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said. "These ships are very successful: they have a big tonnage, good armament, and Kaliber is the most important thing. The corvette has an acceptable ...

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Russian Crabs Go to China and South Korea

For the first five months of 2018 Russia has exported almost 10 thous. tn of live and chilled crabs worth $151.7 mln. China has imported Russian crabs valued at $81.9 mln, the Republic of Korea – at $66.9 mln, Japan – at $2.9 mln, Kazakhstan – at $3 thous. With the export volume of $54 mln, Primorye Territory has been the largest exporter of live and chilled crabs ...

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China to consider expansion of grain supplies from Russia

China will consider the possibility of expanding the list of Russian regions allowed to export grain products to the country. "The issue is about all Russian regions being allowed to supply wheat, soybeans, corn, rice and colza seeds, rather than ...

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China and Germany Became the Main Vitamins Suppliers to Russia in 2017

... was 33 times as much as its export value ($5.33 mln). Russia imported provitamins and vitamins (both natural and synthesized) from more than 20 countries. The main vitamins suppliers accounting for 89.9% of all import were such countries as: · China (29.1%) to $51.65 mln; · Germany (27.4%) to $48.68 mln; · Switzerland (9%) to $16.01 mln; · France (6.7%) to $11.90 mln; · Austria (5.2%) to $9.29 mln; · india (5.1%) to $8.98 mln; · Serbia (3.9%) to $6.99 mln; · United Kingdom (3.4%) to $6.02 mln....

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China is the Top Importer of Russia’s Flour

... compared to the same period of 2017. The most exported wheat type is soft wheat and spelt flour accounted for 95.6% of all export. Hard wheat flour accounts for 4.2% and mixed rye-wheat flour accounts for 0.2%. The leading importer of Russian wheat is China (51.8%), Belarus (9.9%) ranks 2nd, Abkhazia (6.2%) ranks 3rd, Tadzhikistan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan (5.8% each) rank 4th, Moldova (3.2%) ranks 5th, and Georgia (3.1%) ranks 6th. In the first quarter of 2018 more than 30 countries of the world have ...

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Russian entrepreneurs plan to raise export to China by exploring new regions

Russian business aims to expand the zone of realization of goods in China, not settling for the traditional area of marketing in its northern and northeastern parts. "So far, we have been able to increase the turnover of goods in the places where people already know us - Heihe, Harbin [the Heilongjiang province ...

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Russia, China sign agreement establishing investment fund’s management company

Russia and China have signed an agreement on establishing a management company of a five bln yuan ($781 mln) investment fund at the Russian-Chinese Forum on Inter-Regional Cooperation in China’s Harbin. The project is being implemented with the support of the ...

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New Platforms for Cooperation between China and Russia: Prospects for Development

Cooperation between Russia and China in the Far East has a long way to go. “Russia and China stand the best chance to develop cooperation in the Far East. <…> China is an enormous market, while Russian Far East is a gigantic treasury of natural resources with comfortable ...

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Russia’s grain export to China first time above 1 mln tonnes

Exports of the Russian grain to China reached a record-breaking level in this agricultural year and is above 1 mln tonnes first time. According to the Argus Phyto system, 1.23 mln tonnes of grain were supplied to the China market from July 1, 2017 to May 15 of this year. Deliveries ...

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Eurasian Economic Union to sign trade, economic agreements with China, Iran in Astana

The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) will sign an agreement on trade and economic cooperation with China and a provisional agreement on free trade zone formation with Iran on May 17 in Astana, acting Presidential Aide Yuri Ushakov said. "An agreement on trade and economic cooperation with China and a provisional agreement on formation of a free ...

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Trade between China and Russia went up by 27.3% in January-April 2018

The number of positive factors encouraging growth of trade between China and Russia is permanently increasing, spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Commerce Gao Feng said. "In general, the number of factors having positive impacts on the growth of the Chinese-Russian economy is permanently going up," he ...

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Turnover between Russia and China might grow by 19% in 2018 — Chinese Ministry of Commerce

The trade turnover between Russia and China in 2018 may exceed $100 bln. This year bilateral trade between China and Russia demonstrates a positive trend - in the Q1 it increased by 30%, and, according to our forecasts, in 2018 will exceed the $100 bln mark. The trade turnover between the ...

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Russian Far East Exports Less Honey to China in 2017

Russia’s Far Eastern Maritime Territory exported 554 tons of local honey to $1.2million to neighboring China in 2017 — down by 328 tons or 37% in physical weight and less by $698,000 or 36% in value terms than the previous year (and 43% less than ever before), although it remained the leader in the exports of Russian honey to China which accounts for 88% ...

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Moscow, Beijing outline cooperation plans for Russian Far East

... Russky Island in Vladivostok, as well as blockchain technology, CEO of the Far East Development Fund Alexei Chekunkov told. "Our most important goal of arrival at the Boao Forum for Asia was to sign an agreement with the Silk Road Center and China Communication Construction Corporation on the development of real estate cluster on Russky Island," he said. According to the concept of the development of the Island, approved by the Russian government, by 2022 a grand complex will be built ...

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SPIEF 2018 to Discuss New Areas of Cooperation with BRICS

The first day of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Business Programme will host a panel session New Directions For Trade, Economic And Investment Partnerships With The BRICS Countries. Business community representatives will discuss priorities of the Republic of South Africa chairmanship in the association. The session participants will raise issues of digital economy and transport infrastructure development, youth and women’s entrepreneurship support, collaboration in lowering...

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Russia aims to boost gold reserves, increase sales to India and China

An arm of Russia's largest lender, Sberbank CIB, plans to more than double its gold sales to India this year and sell more of the precious metal than forecast to China, its head of global markets Andrey Shemetov told Reuters. Trade with China is more active this year than the bank originally expected, according to Shemetov. Sberbank plans to upgrade an initial sales forecast of 20 tons of gold to China in 2018....

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Russia-China trade volume exceeds expectations, hitting $84bn

Trade turnover between Russia and China has increased by 20.8 percent year-on-year, reaching $84.07 billion in 2017. The two major partners have recently set a goal to boost trade to $80 billion by 2018 and $200 billion by 2020. Chinese exports to Russia grew by 14.8 percent, to $42....

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... promising markets,” said Russian Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev at the close of the 43rd International Food and Beverage Exhibition, FoodEx Japan 2018, at Makuhari Messe earlier this month. The biggest importers of Russian food in Asia are China, Indonesia, South Korea, India, Vietnam and Japan. Russia’s key exports to those countries are fish, grain, vegetable oils and fats, including soybean, sunflower-seed and rape oil, soybeans, chocolates and confectionery, meat and poultry. ...

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1.5 mln Chinese tourists visited Russia in 2017

As many as 1.5 mln tourists from China visited Russia in 2017, Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li Hui said on Tuesday, speaking at a board meeting of the Russian Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East in Vladivostok. "The number of Chinese tourists in Russia reached ...

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China Key Importer of Russian Whales, Other Marine Mammals

China boosted its imports of live whales, dolphins, porpoises, sea-cows, dugongs, seals, sea lions and walruses from Russia to US$6.8m in 2016 — a 32% increase on the previous year. China accounts for 99% of Russia’s exports of marine mammals ...

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20.05.2019 Russia – EU Trade Balance

During the first three months of 2019, the trade turnover between Russia and the countries of the European Union increased 1.2% year-on-year up to 31.1 bn euro.

16.05.2019 The Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation offers foreign investors to participate in a survey on “What changes are needed in Russian legislation so as to create the most comfortable environment for doing business in the Russia?"

Nowadays, the world economy requires greater state involvement to international investment flows to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the country. Therefore, the M...



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