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Murmansk Region organizes White Sea tourist cluster

Murmansk Region organizes White Sea tourist cluster

The Belomorye (White Sea area) tourist-recreation cluster will be in the Murmansk Regions southern part near unique natural and archeological monuments. The region has entered agreements, under which investments in the tourist infrastructures will make $16 million, the regions Deputy Governor Evgeny Nikora said.

"The Belomorye tourist-recreation cluster is organized for more than a year now in the Murmansk Region’s southern part, in the Kandalaksha and Tersky districts," he said. "We have received confirmations regarding private investments in organization of tourist infrastructure there worth more than one billion rubles - about ten projects."

"Total private investments in the cluster will be around two billion rubles," he added. "We have suggested including the project into the federal special program on development of tourism in Russia (for 2019-2025)."

The regional authorities have signed agreements on reconstruction of two hotel complexes, on construction of a year-round sports complex, on building of a cottage complex with a scenic view over the White Sea. Other agreements are on construction of hotels and restaurants, a visitor center, and guest houses at the border with Karelia, the official said.

Nature and archaeology attractions

The cluster includes the area of the Petroglyphs archaeological monument. It is a complex of the IV-II millennium BC rock drawings on islands in the Kanozero Lake. Other attractions are a stone labyrinth, the wooden Cathedral of the Assumption (XVII c.), and a few chapels. Tourists enjoy visiting the Tonya Tetrino reconstructed village of the Pomors. The territory of future cluster has been a venue for various international and regional festivals and holidays.

A new viaduct

The regional government has applied to the federal authorities for financing construction of a railway viaduct in the area.

A railway line divides Kandalaksha into two parts. Getting to the tourist facilities is problematic, as the road under the railway line is not big enough. Research results show that the roads reconstruction is not possible. Thus, the region is asking for money from the federal budget to build a new railway viaduct, the deputy governor said.

"A new viaduct costs 350 million rubles ($5.66 million), we are asking for 273 million ($4.41 million), and the regional budget will invest 77 million ($1.24)," he said. "We have been working on the Belomorye cluster, but the region is unable to build the viaduct on its own."

The authorities hope the region will welcome up to 370,000 tourists a year by 2025.

The Murmansk Region continues to participate in the federal program on development of the Khibiny cluster - the regions biggest ski resort, the deputy governor said.

"Practically all projects in the Khibiny have been fulfilled - the project is ready by 94.5% - the outstanding facility is a hotel, which we shall open before the yearend," he said. "The federal budget has allocated for that project 77 million rubles ($1.24 million) - for reconstruction of a transport junction at the entrance to Kirovsk," he added.


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