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Altai Territory Increases Buckwheat Exports

Altai Territory Increases Buckwheat Exports

Altai Territory in South-Western Siberian exported 4,600 tons of buckwheat grots to $1.1million in the first quarter of 2017 a 21% increase on last year in value terms and 56% in physical weight and became the leader of Russian buckwheat exports, accounting for 45% of all buckwheat groats exports from Russia.

Nine countries bought Altai groats in the first three month of 2018:

Lithuania imported 1,800 tons to $ 435,300, or 38,7%;

Japan, 628 tons to $ 240,600 (21.4%);

Poland, 1,00 tons to $ 183,300 (16,3%);

China, 689 tons to $ 178,600 (15.9%);

Moldova, 270 tons to $ 45,000 (4.0%);

Netherlands, 133 tons to $ 28,800 (2.6%);

Kazakhstan, 13 tons to $ 6,600 (0,6%);

Belgium, 22 tons to $ 4,300 (0.4%) and

Germany 7 tons to $ 1,400 (0.1%).


Altai Territory Buckwheat Exports

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