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Russian-Japanese JV to be created in Sverdlovsk Region

On March 07, the Bogdanovich Refractory Plant executed a long-term cooperation and technology transfer contract with Taiko Refractories (Japan).

Taiko is going to share unique refractory materials application recipes and technology for the blast furnace process with Bogdanovich-based OJSC Ogneupori arranging the production of materials using the new technology. The parties also intend to jointly develop new types of products and their adaptation to the requirements of metallurgical combines.

"We are very happy that we have executed the agreement today. Before it was signed, our specialists had visited the Bogdanovich-based facility several times and each time they were warmly and greatly welcomed", Taiko's Vice President Kaboyashi Satoko noted. "We hope that our joint efforts will be useful for the Russian industry, especially, for the iron industry."

She also noted that negotiations between the companies continued for two years and that a meeting between their technical experts started immediately after the execution of the agreement.

At the first stage, Bogdanovich-based OJSC Ogneupori is going to invest its own funds to purchase basic recipes and arrange a separate production site at the facility. In the long-run, the second stage provides for the creation of a joint-venture company and expansion of the list of refractory products.

Bogdanovich-based OJSC Ogneupori ranks No.3 in Russia by the output of refractory products, offers 5 thousand product names and ships 300+ thousand tonnes of products annually.

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