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Barkhatovskaya Poultry Farm to purchase German equipment

As part of efforts aimed to reequip and upgrade Barkhatovskaya Poultry Farm, it is going to purchase German poultry production equipment. The ongoing proposal solicitation process will be used to select a vendor.

JSC Barkhatovskaya Poultry Farm operating in the Krasnoyarsk Territory is going to upgrade its equipment in order to boost performance. For this purpose, the enterprise will purchase new poultry production sets of the German origin. The right to supply the equipment will be awarded based on proposals received with the maximum contract price exceeding RUB 28 million. Big Dutchman is referred to in RFPs as the subject equipment to be supplied. The relevant terms of reference say that the winner of the tender must supply the equipment sets comprising the housing structures of a cage battery, feed storage and delivery systems, water preparation systems and heating and ventilation equipment.

It should be noted that Big Dutchman is a German company which is well known in a number of countries of West Europe, East Europe and Asia. The company dates back to 1938 and as of today continues researches in poultry and small cattle breeding.

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