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Investors from India want to open dairy farms and protein production facility in Samara Region

Investors from India are considering options for erecting a poultry farm, a pig-breeding facility and two dairy farms in the Samara Region. They are also considering the implementation of projects to construct plants to deeply process cereal and soy crops.

The plants' activities will be devoted to producing starch, proteins and other products. For these purposes, investments ranging from 5 to 100 million dollars are going to be raised, according to Atul Upadhyay, the CEO of one of prominent Indian enterprises, who addressed a meeting attended by Roman Nekrasov, a Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Supplies of the Samara Region, held in the Regional Ministry of Agriculture.

"We are ready not only to buy large quantities of wheat, chick-pea, lentil and other cereal crops from your Region but also to grow them here on a contractual basis subject to necessary agreements having been reached," Mr. Upadhyay added.

In his turn, Roman Nekrasov noted that long-term cooperation with India was a strategic priority both at federal and regional levels. In particular, it must accelerate the supplies of grain crops and sunflower oil originating from Region No.63 to external markets. Subject to the investment projects having been successfully implemented, the country will also be able to export meat and milk, as Roman Nekrasov explained.

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