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Japanese offer Kuzbass joint business

Trading opportunities for Japanese and Kuzbass businessmen have been addressed at a meeting held at the Kemerovo Regional Administration's headquarters. They are hosting two days’ seminar devoted to the development of economic relations between our countries.

The training masterclass is attended by Tetsuo Yasuo, the CEO of Tetsuo Trading, as well as by Kagami Esifadzu, the Director of the Khabarovsk Japanese Center and the organizer of the seminar. The Kuzbass graduates of the Presidential Executives Training Programme, CEOs of companies and businessmen are participating in the event to meet them. The total number of attendees is approximately 30 persons.

"Since I'm visiting Kuzbass for the first time, it is difficult to judge how our cooperation will evolve in future", Kagami Esifadzu, the Director of the Khabarovsk Japanese Center, shared his thoughts. "We have several focus areas to embark on in Khabarovsk: holding of a seminar in economy, internships in Japan, language learning and arranging of meetings between Russian and Japanese businessmen."

Mr. Esikadzu said he got to know about Kuzbass for the first time as early as 40 years ago. Even at that time, the Region already made deliveries of coal to the Land of the Rising Sun.

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