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Chinese company takes interest in Omsk Region investment sites

Kai Shen, a Chinese corporation, plans to arrange a timber processing facility in the Tarsky District, Omsk Region. The annual output of timber products and sawn timber is expected to exceed 500,000 cubic meters.

On the 28th of September, Chinese delegates made a business trip to 3 potential investment sites. They are also expected to visit the Bolsheukovsky, Sedelnikovsky, Znamensky and Tavrizsky Districts of the Omsk Region that are rich in timber for similar purposes.

Oksana Fadina, the Chief of the Regional Ministry of Economy, commented the following on this situation: "About 13 million cubic meters of timber are available now in the Region with the existing enterprises of the wood industry cluster being capable of logging 10%. This is why our today's mission is to grasp and develop this production opportunity and to arrange de-forestation for sanitary purposes."

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