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Packing products plant to be erected in Primorye by Korean entity

A meeting was held in Vladivostok between the officers of Primorye Investment Agency and representatives of SEWON GROUP CO., LTD (Korea). The negotiations were also attended by the representatives of the Primorye Administration.

Elena Yaskevich, the First Deputy CEO of the Agency, familiarized the guests with the opportunities offered by the Region. The Korean party believes that it is profitable to implement projects in the Region as the priority development area and Free Port offer noticeable preferences.

According to Han Jung Lee, the General Manager of SEWON GROUP CO., LTD's Export Operations Department, the company is interested in the construction of a factory to manufacture paper packages.

"The project would cost almost $5 million and would create about 300 new jobs. We are now considering suitable locations for the potential factory. The factory requires 1 to 3 hectares," Han Jung Lee noted.

The area occupied by Nadezhdinskaya Priority Development Area is one of available site location options. The site is interesting as regards available preferences and use of logistical opportunities. To provide the factory with raw materials, the company intends to arrange deliveries of materials from Korea. The possibility of processing local raw materials is also being considered.

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