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Finnish companies operating in Russia to enhance localization and design new products in 2016-2017

The Finnish companies operating in Russia are going to boost localization and offer new products to the market in 2016-2017. This was reported by the participants of the round table titled "Finnish business in St.Petersburg: reality and development prospects".

Atria, a sausage products manufacturer currently operating in Russia under the Pit-Product brand, is going to present Artia branded products this year, including ready-made breakfasts, lunch boxes and other meals.

This year, Are is going to bring into the Russian market an engineering system called Are sensus that will enable buildings to save up to 30% of their heat and cooling energy consumption. As Ville Paasonen, LLC ARE's Operational Director, explained, the system may be introduced both at the design stage and when reconstructing old buildings. "For example, we can take energy at the sun-facing side of the building and move it to its shady side", he said. Required investments are comparable with those required to make conventional heating and cooling systems.

Next year, Tikkurila is going to start selling special terrace paints in Russia featuring upgraded protection properties. "It will be produced in Russia from raw materials", Ilari Huurunen, the General Director of LLC Tikkurila, said.

Isku, a furniture supplier, is going to start supplying a new product being essentially ant-microbial furniture that may be used both at healthcare and educational facilities. According to Tapio Sieviliaynen, Isku's Vice President for Sales, this product is going to be manufactured in Lahti (Finland) and then delivered to Russia. "Now, our key investments are associated with this project and when we complete the project it is likely that we will think about localization as well", he noted.

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