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Chinese company to invest $100 mln in co-projects with RVC

The intention of Shenzhen Capital Group (China) to create Chinese-Russian Industrial Investments Fund has come to the knowledge of Jenmin Jibao, the periodical's reporter. According to the report, RVC is going to act as a Russian partner; the Chinese party intends to invest $100 million into the project while the amount to be invested by the Russian party is yet to be disclosed. It is expected that the investment funds will focus on such sectors as power economy and chemistry, upgrading of consumer facilities and manufacturing of hi-tech equipment. That said, the investments will target Chinese and Russian enterprises, especially Russian ones registered in China and Chinese ones registered in Russia. It has been reported that Shenzhen Capital Group has created a host of similar funds and features decent experience in creating and managing such financial institutes. We remind that currently the aggregate amount of funds involving RVC's equity has reached RUB32.4 billion (approximately US$497 million).

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