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The exhibition «UzEnergyExpo», will be held from October 31 to November 2, 2018. It is an important business event for the energy market of Uzbekistan, a kind of indicator of the industry. Each year specialized industry experts, oil, engineering, construction, installation companies, utilities and public facilities can examine all the offers of the market, compare, select and purchase the necessary equipment at the exhibition UzEnergyExpo.

Power Engineering

· Industrial energy

Hydro, heat and power engineering

Electric, heat, gas supply systems


Municipal energy

Automated process control systems

Diesel engines and diesel generators


Instrumentation and diagnostics

RES. Energy saving

Devices for metering and saving consumption of heat and electric energy

Cogeneration (power generating complexes based on GTU or ICE)

Resource-saving equipment for efficient use of fuel, heat and electric energy in heat supply, water supply systems

Lighting products: energy-saving lamps, lighting devices, ballasts and control equipment, LED lighting fixtures

Alternative sources of electricity: bioenergy, wind power, solar energy, small hydropower, conversion and accumulation of electricity


Technical and decorative lighting

Lighting of industrial objects of various industries

Lighting of streets, underground passages, road junctions, transport highways


Lighting of trade halls, theaters, recreational facilities and entertainment

Light sources; LED

Design and lighting design

Decorative lighting systems: light grids, garlands, veils, electronic guns, etc.

LED displays and screens

Light design; light control systems

Lighting for transport infrastructure

Components and materials for the production of lighting products

Electrical Engineering

Electrical equipment

Equipment for power lines

Electric motors, electric generators, electric drives

Transformers, transformers, transformer substations

High-voltage and low-voltage equipment

Electrical installation and wiring products

Switchgears, switchboard equipment

Protection means on electrical installations

Electrical insulating products

Welding and electrothermal equipment

Cables. Wires. Armature

Power cables for stationary laying on low, medium, high voltage

Control cables, communications, fiber optic, special purpose

Wires for overhead power lines, power, communications, special purpose, winding, low-current cords

Cable bushings in transformers and switchgears, connecting fittings; connection of fiber optic components; Components and accessories for installation and laying of cables; equipment, tools and accessories for installation of cable and wire products


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