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Kaluga Region Export Development Center


Center of coordination of support to export-oriented small and medium-sized business

Center of coordination of support to export-oriented small and medium-sized business, also known as Kaluga Region Export Development Center, hereinafter referred as Center, is part of organizational structure of Kaluga Region State Fund for Support of Local Business.

The Center was founded in October of 2011.


The mission of the Center: support and assist in developing of local small and medium-sized business entities (SMB) exporting goods and services abroad, including export-oriented SMBs, in starting and doing their business; creating a favorable environment for local SMBs helping them to produce goods and services wanted and competitive on outside, including international, markets.

The Center’s core activity consists in supporting and assisting in development of local small and medium-sized business entities (SMB) exporting goods and services abroad, including export-oriented SMBs.


To increase volumes of goods and services produced by small and medium-sized business entities and exported to other regions of the Russian Federation, near and far abroad.

To increase the number of small and medium-sized businesses in Kaluga Region producing and exporting goods and services, including export-oriented SMBs.


In pursuance of its chief objectives the Center performs the following functions:

- To build a partner network (design, engineer and deploy specialized software, establish subscribersí remote access, provide materials and data base updates); assume the function of single-source information provider offering total information support for export-oriented small and medium-sized local businesses seeking investments;

- To assist SMBs in conducting marketing research and help advertise for local businesses abroad;

- To facilitate business meetings and negotiations with foreign partners; assist in search of potential partners abroad;

- To act as publisher;

- Provide business consulting and expert advice to SMBs on investment projects;

- To work out, implement and provide organizational and methodological support to foreign trade development programs of Kaluga Region;

- To monitor, analyze and help develop the potential of small and medium-sized businesses in Kaluga Region; work out recommendations and programs to further develop the resources and competitiveness of local producers of goods and services;

- Act as facilitator assisting SMBs in getting access to exhibitions, organizing business tours, roundtables, meetings and other international events;

- Assist SMBs in bringing their products in compliance with international standards and foreign trade regulations, including in seeking ISO certificates and related permits;

- Assist export-oriented SMBs in making sales/investment agreements and advise on the selection of international partners.

The following are the chief areas of the Centerís activities:

- Making analysis and surveys of potential international markets, including research of marketing opportunities in partnership with Russian Foreign Trade missions abroad; other consulting services on request by legal entities;

- Search for potential business partners for local SMBs, foreign buyers and investors (on request from Russian Federation Foreign Trade Missions abroad;

- Assist SMBs in preparing and communicating their offers, including making printed and electronic presentations and distribution of ads and promo materials through Russian Foreign Trade Missions;

- Contribute to organizing, logistical support, advertising and provide methodological advise for foreign trade development programs sponsored by regional governments in the Russian Federation, including working out recommendations for the strategy of development of export-oriented SMBs;

- Act as facilitator assisting SMBs in getting access to exhibitions, fairs, international business tours, conferences, roundtables, workshops, business meetings and other international events, including through sponsoring international tours for CEOs and entrepreneurs and organizing promo actions abroad;

- Provide advice and recommendations for the re-training and development course curriculum as part of foreign trade orientation program;

- On request from local businesses act as facilitator assisting in establishing business contacts and seeking access to international events;

- On request from local businesses facilitate in establishing business contacts with international associations of entrepreneurs and non-commercial organizations abroad;

- When necessary, provide expertise of foreign trade agreements and sales contracts contemplated/executed by local SMBs subsidized from the federal budget (winners of grants);

- Keep record of applications of small and medium-sized businesses approaching the Center and post results of their processing and monitoring on the regional website accessible by all Internet users;

- Update business community on the development of export-oriented small and medium sized business;

- Advertise for local companies abroad: post companyís business card on the Foreign Trade Website of the Russian Federation Ministry of Economic Development and regional websites; in partnership with the Russian Foreign Trade Missions identify and inform potential partners abroad, distribute presentations and introduce company portfolio on behalf of local business.

- Prepare and distribute to local small and medium-sized business entities the calendar and agenda of international business events organized abroad (exhibitions, fairs, tenders and workshops);

- Assist in bringing the goods and services in compliance with international standards and potential buyersí requirements (seeking ISO certificates and permits, writing pre-qualifications);

- Support related publications, business journals for small and medium-sized business, assist in producing manuals and written recommendations on foreign trade regulations.

Address: floor 4, building 63, M. Gorkiy street, 248003, Kaluga City

Phone/fax: (4842) 22-43-10



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