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Coordination center support of export-oriented small and medium enterprises of the Udmurt Republic


Coordination center support of export-oriented small and medium enterprises of the Udmurt Republic

The Export Support Center was established in October 2012 as a subdivision of the Udmurt Republic Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium Business Credit Assistance. The Center's key objective is to help current and prospective exporters of the Udmurt Republic to enter foreign markets and conduct international business.

To achieve its objectives, the Center provides a wide range of services to Udmurt companies free of charge.

To ensure success in international markets, the Center and exporters take the following steps:

1. The company fills in the form developed by the Center and provides the Center with information about the company and its products; the Center has the company's documents translated into foreign languages.

2. After the company selects an appropriate market to sell its product, the company's employees are advised about doing business in the selected country.

3. The Center, assisted by trade agencies, makes a list of events and helps the company to build up contacts with the organizers of business events of interest to the comapany.

4. The Center prepares a report about the economic situation in the country and the industry the exporter is interested in.

4.1. Upon the company's request, the Center helps to draw up a specification for market research the company would like to order to get more information about the markets of interest.

5. The Center prepares a report about competitors in the market and helps to find partners.

6. The Center helps to build up contacts between the exporter and associations of small and medium businesses in the country as well as potential partners.

7. Finding and building up contacts between the company and Russian and international consulting agencies that can assist in obtaining licenses and certificates and compiling other relevant documents.

8. The Center offers advice on legal, customs and tax issues, how to overcome barriers in the markets of interest and get export credits.

9. The Company gets advice on other issues that may arise while arranging and making an export deal.

Doing business internationally, the company should pay special attention to the compliance with Puissant, international and local legislation. That is why the Center offers the exporters advice on a broad range of issues: legal advice, including advice oh how to draw up an international business contract; advice on customs and tax issues; advice on currency issues including export funding (credits); advcie on how to overcome barriers that might exist in a foreign country.

The Export Support Center staff and consultants from the Center's partner organizations are happy to give you the necessary support! You can fill in the application form to use the services offered by the Center on our website: Call us on +7 3412 655 580 or send your e-mails to:


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