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Russia extends zero duty on wheat exports as production continues to boom

Russia is looking to solidify its position on the global agriculture export market after the government announced that it is extending the term of the zero rate on wheat exports until July 1, 2021. According to a decree posted on the official government website: “The decision will facilitate the export of produce of the agro-industrial sector.” The zero wheat export duty, introduced in Russia three ...

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Wheat And Meslin Export Went Up By 19.1% in January 2019

In January, 2019 Russiaís export of wheat and meslin amounted to $519.9 mln and increased by 19.1% compared to the same period of 2018. According to the Federal Custom Service of Russia, the export volume reached 2.4 mln tons of grain, it is 2.4% less than the figure in January, 2018....

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Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan Sign Deal on Wheat Trade

The ministries of agriculture of Iran, Russia and Kazakhstan have concluded a trilateral memorandum of understanding on the issue of wheat trade. This resulted from negotiations on a temporary agreement leading to the formation of a free trade zone between the Eurasian Economic Union and Iran, reported. Trade Minister of the Eurasian Economic Commission Veronika Nikishina ...

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About 400 Thous. Tn Of Russian Wheat To Be Supplied To Syria

In 2017 and 2018 Syria imported about 2.2 mln tn of wheat. Nearly 90% of wheat supplies were provided by Russia, the rest 10% were exported by Romania and Bulgaria. In 2018 alone Syria imported 1.5 mln tn of wheat from Russia. At this moment Syrian government is planning to have imported from Russia ...

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Zimbabwe Imports Russian Wheat and Power Generators

For the first 9 months of 2018 Russiaís export to Zimbabwe amounted to $6.9 mln. The largest supplies of goods were made in October ($5.37 mln), when Russia exported to Zimbabwe wheat and power generating units. In October of 2018 the wheat and meslin export value stood at $5.3 mln, while export of electric generating sets with compression-ignition internal combustion piston engines (diesel or semi-diesel engines) of an output ...

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Russiaís Turnover of Wheat For Planting

In 2017 Russiaís turnover of wheat for planting amounted to $8.6 mln. It should be noted that Russiaís wheat export was twice as large at its import. Russia imported wheat for planting in the value of $2.37 mln, while its export stood at $6.23 mln. The major part of wheat in Russia’s ...

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15.07.2019 Orel Regionís High-Tech Export To Germany

From January to April, 2019 Orel regionís export to Germany increased by 7% compared to the same period of 2018 and amounted to $5.9 mln.

15.07.2019 Pskov Regionís Export To Spain Increased By $1.64 mln

From January to April, 2019 Pskov regionís export to Spain went up by 1.64 mln. compared to the same period of 2018 and amounted to $1.65 mln.

12.07.2019 Russiaís Fuel Element Export To Slovakia Doubled

In 2018 Russia became the worldís largest exporter of fuel elements (cartridges). Its export volume amounted to $981 mln or 44% of worldís fuel element export.



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