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The bilateral trade volume between Turkey and Russia was $25.7 bn

The bilateral trade volume between Turkey and Russia was $25.7 billion last year. In the first three months of this year, Turkey's exports to Russia rose 6.5% to $868 million, while imports from Russia dropped 9% to hit $5.4 billion. To date, Turkish construction companies have realized ...

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Russia plans to raise quota on tomato imports from Turkey

The Russian Agriculture Ministry is planning to raise the quota on tomato imports from Turkey to 150,000 tons per year from the current 50,000 tons, it said in a draft decree, published on a government website. In May 2018, Russia lifted the ban on tomato imports from Turkey but established a quota of 50,000 tons. Source: www.dailysabah....

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Russia top market for Turkey's fresh fruit, vegetable exports

In the first two months of this year, Turkey exported approximately $365.66 million worth of fresh fruits and vegetables, with Russia importing the most Turkish produce at around $104.53 million. Turkey exported 697,577 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to 100 countries in January and ...

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Turkish Lemons Became Cheaper

According to the Federal Custom Service of Russia, for 11 months of 2018 Turkeys lemon export to Russia increased by 12% in terms of volume, but decreased by 4% in terms of value. Russia imported from Turkey 107.768 thous. tn of lemons for the total amount of $79.96 mln. Turkey became the leading lemon supplier to Russia ...

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Russia, Turkey and Iran speeding up efforts to drop US dollar from trade - official

Russia, Turkey and Iran are negotiating the reduction of the US dollar's share in mutual trade, Tehran Times daily quotes the country's central bank governor as saying. Eliminating the greenback in mutual trade was most recently discussed by the three countries ...

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Adygei cheese goes to Turkey, Azerbaijan and UAE

Adygei cheese to be sold in Turkey, Azerbaijan and the UAE. Krasnogvardeysk milk factory will start to supply its brand products to these countries before the end of this year. Now the factory is negotiating adygei cheese export to the USA as well. Factory’s cheese is produced ...

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Russia to remove restrictions on Turkish tomatoes from May 1

... Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor) said. Thus, the agricultural watchdog considers it possible, under guarantees of the Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, to allow imports of tomatoes from Turkey to the territory of Russia from May 1, 2018, without any restrictions on enterprises from production sited free from tomato moth. Earlier, imports of tomatoes to Russia from Turkey was allowed for 20 enterprises. Phytosanitary control of Turkish ...

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Russian watchdog authorized four more Turkish companies to supply tomatoes to Russia

The Russian veterinary and phytosanitary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor will lift a ban on tomatoes export to Russia in respect of four Turkish companies. The number of Turkish suppliers of these products will therefore grow to twelve, official spokesperson of the authority Yulia Melano told. "The service considers possible to grant the right to supply tomatoes to four more Turkish companies from March 23 within the scope of the second phase of Rosselkhoznadzor work on lifting of the ban for tomatoes...

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