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Moscow supplies goods and services to almost two hundred countries

Last year, exporters from the capital city cooperated with partners from 184 countries, said the CEO of the Moscow export centre, Kirill Ilyichev, in an interview with RIA Novosti. According to him, mechanical equipment, machinery and computers take the top spots on the list of deliveries. Kazakhstan, Belarus, Egypt, the USA and Algeria have become leaders ...

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Kazakhstan ranks 2nd in CIS for trade with Moscow

Moscow's foreign trade turnover with Kazakhstan in 1H2018 amounted to $2,324,900,000, according to the Central Customs Administration of Russia, Kazinform reports citing the Kazakh Embassy in Moscow. Exports from the Russian capital reached $1,490,500,...

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Moscow Expands Non-Resource Exports

From January to July, 2018 Moscows non-resource non-energy export has increased by 8% and amounted to $10.79 bn, while in the first half of 2017 this figure was $9.9 bn. For the first six months of 2018 the capital city has accounted for almost 16% of Russia’s non-resource ...

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Germany, France, Italy become biggest foreign investors in Moscow's economy

Germany, France and Italy were the biggest foreign investors in the economy of Russias capital last year, head of the Moscow department of foreign economic and international relations Sergei Cheremin said Wednesday, adding that the total amount of direct accumulated foreign investments in the citys economy topped around $280 bln. According to Cheremin, economic sanctions ...

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Moscow City & Region, Perm Territory Become Leaders of Bicycle Exports

The City of Moscow, Moscow Region and Perm Territory became Russias leading exporters of bicycles in January-April 2018. Moscow Region, with its 33.8% share in the national total, exported to $1.19m, closely followed by the City of Moscow (29.9% worth $1.06m) ...

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US Congress delegation arrives in Moscow from St Petersburg by train

A delegation of members of the US Congress chose the high-speed train Sapsan for a journey to Moscow from St Petersburg where it came in the first leg of its six-day trip to Russia on June 30. On Monday night, the high-rank US visitors arrived at Moscow’s Leningradsky railway terminal after slightly more than hours spent aboard the train....

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Say Cheese to Gruyere: Increasingly in Stock

The famous Swiss cheese, miraculously exempt from Moscows retaliation sanctions, continues to pamper Russian palates. Russia’s imports of gruyere rose by 26% in 2017 to 224 tons worth US$ 2.6 million. Moscow, which accounts for 59% of national consumption of gruyere, increased its imports by ...

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Moscow Knows Which Side Its Bread Is Buttered On: Butter Exports Triple

Russias exports of butter totaled to US$8,1 million last year. Four biggest exporters accounted for 61% of the total: Krasnodar territory, Rostov and Ulyanovsk regions, and Moscow. Moscow moved ten notches up to the rank of the Russian Federation’s fourth biggest butter-exporting member entity as its share (11%) tripled from US$227,000 in 2016 to US$901,000 in 2017. The biggest importers of Russian butter in 2017 were ...

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