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Karelia Provided 64 Countries With Kraft Paper

Karelia Provided 64 Countries With Kraft Paper

In 2018 the Republic of Karelia increased the export of kraft paper and paperboard by 40.4% in terms of value and by 18.3% in terms of volume.

Karelia’s export of this production stood at 279.3 thous. tones for the total amount of $240.5 mln. The Republic of Karelia became the leading exporter of these products among Russian regions. It accounted for 33.2% of Russias kraft paper export. This Republic was followed by the Republic of Komi (22.9%), Arkhangelsk Region (17.9%) and Irkutsk Region (13.8%). In 2018 the Republic of Karelia exported kraft paper and paperboard to 64 countries. The major supplies were exported to Saudi Arabia (11%), Indonesia (8.7%), Mexico (6.6%), Germany (6.5%), Pakistan (6%), Turkey (5.3%), Italy (3.7%), the UAE (3.3%), Thailand (3.2%), The Republic of South Africa (3.2%), Malaysia (3%), China (2.9%), the Netherlands (2.7%), Egypt (2.4%), Algeria (2.3%), Romania (2.2%), Ukraine (2.1%) and other countries.


Karelia Kraft Paper Export Import

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