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Russia To Export Diary to China

Russia To Export Diary to China

Russian companies may export to China concentrated and not concentrated cream, buttermilk, yoghurt, kephir, whey, butter, cheese, curd and casein (obtained from cow, goat or sheep milk).

China has approved the diary export by following Russian companies: ZAO “Alekseevskiy molochno-konservniy kombinat” (Belgorod Region), Pugachevskie Molochnye Produkty (Saratov Region), Galaktika (Leningrad Region), Milkom (Izhevsk), EkoNiva Moloko Voronezh (Voronezh Region), Zalesskiy Fermer (Kaliningrad Region), Penza milk factory (Penza Region), Belebey milk factory (Bashkortostan), Voronezh milk factory (Voronezh Region), Laktalis Istra (Moscow Region).


Russia Export Diary China

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