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China and Germany Became the Main Vitamins Suppliers to Russia in 2017

China and Germany Became the Main Vitamins Suppliers to Russia in 2017

In 2017 Russias import of provitamins and vitamins (both natural and synthesized) stood at $177.5 mln and increased by 29% compared to 2016.

In 2017 the value of Russia’s vitamins import was 33 times as much as its export value ($5.33 mln).

Russia imported provitamins and vitamins (both natural and synthesized) from more than 20 countries. The main vitamins suppliers accounting for 89.9% of all import were such countries as:

· China (29.1%) to $51.65 mln;

Germany (27.4%) to $48.68 mln;

Switzerland (9%) to $16.01 mln;

France (6.7%) to $11.90 mln;

Austria (5.2%) to $9.29 mln;

india (5.1%) to $8.98 mln;

Serbia (3.9%) to $6.99 mln;

United Kingdom (3.4%) to $6.02 mln.

Provitamins and vitamins were also imported to Russia by Israel, Croatia, the Republic of Korea, the USA, Belgium, Japan, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovakia, Denmark, Slovenia and other countries.

In 2017 the structure of this commodity heading exported by Mordovia was as follows:

Vitamin and its derivatives (16.6%);

D- DL-Pantothenic acid (15%);

Mixed provitamins and vitamins (14.7%);

Vitamin and its derivatives (14.1%);

Vitamin and its derivatives (10.8%);

Other vitamins, their derivatives and mixes (10.5%);

Vitamin 1 and its derivatives (4.5%);

Vitamin 2 and its derivatives (4.3%);

Vitamin 9 and its derivatives (3.9%);

Vitamin 6 and its derivatives (3.7%);

Vitamin 12 and its derivatives (1.9%).


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