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Russia-Kazakhstan Trade Turnover Structure

Russia-Kazakhstan Trade Turnover Structure

Russia is the main trade partner of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2017 the trade turnover of these countries increased by 21% compared to 2016 and amounted to $20.14 bn.

The supplies from Russia outweigh in the Russia-Kazakhstan bilateral trade.

Russia’s import from Kazakhstan stood at $8.67 bn (a 16% increase compared to 2016), Russias export to Kazakhstan amounted to $11.47 bn (a 26% growth).

The most important commodities groups in Russia-Kazakhstan trade turnover are:

· HS Code 25-27. Mineral products (22.2%);

HS Code 72-83. Metals and articles thereof (21.8%);

HS Code 84-90. Machinery, equipment and vehicles (18.7%);

HS Code 28-40. Chemicals, rubbers (15.9%);

HS Code 01-24. Agricultural products and foodstuff (10.8%).

In the first quarter of 2018 Russia-Kazakhstan trade turnover has increased by 9% compared to the same period of 2017 and stood at $4.28 bn.


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