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Russias Parasol Imports on the Rise

Russias Parasol Imports on the Rise

Russia imported 799,191 garden umbrellas to $5.5m in 2017 twenty times more than it exported during the same period.

In the first four months of 2018, Russia’ imports of garden umbrellas reached 472,371 worth $4.2m, making up 77% of the quantity imported during the whole 2017.

Russias suppliers of garden umbrellas in January-April 2018 were:

China, which accounted for 65% of the imports, to $2.7m;

Ukraine (29% to $1.2m);

Poland (4% to $157,000);

Italy (0,8% to $34,000) and

Belarus (0,7% to $30,000).

In physical terms, the list of suppliers looks different:

China, which supplied 421,113 umbrellas;

Belarus (29,477);

Ukraine (19,587);

Poland (1,819); and

Italy (217).


Parasol Imports

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