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The question of non-resource exports increase has been discussed in the Tyumen region

On the 29th of August Governor Vladimir Yakushev held a board meeting on the implementation of priority projects in the Tyumen region. The meeting discussed actions on the development of international cooperation and exports, as well as small enterprises, and backing of individual entrepreneurial initiative.

Vice-Governor Vadim Shumkov introduced the infrastructure and the system of exports support operating on the federal level. The growth of this sphere and non-resource exports increase is a focus point for the Tyumen region. The region has sent its suggestions on the development of export activities to the relevant ministries of the Russian Federation and is now actively moving in this direction on its own.

In 2011 the Centre of Export Support was established in the region, now it operates as part of the Investment Agency of the Tyumen region and works in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 34 export contracts have been concluded since 2015 with the assistance of the Centre. The Tyumen region has presented products and services of 49 small and medium businesses in 10 international exhibitions and organized 6 international business missions. More than 300 entrepreneurs have attended 27 educational seminars.

This year the regional Centre of Export Support assists a hundred small and medium business companies in gaining an access to foreign markets. A number of Tyumen companies already sell their products abroad. According to the Urals Customs Administration data, in 2016 the amount of non-resource exporters in the Tyumen region has increased more than two and a half times.

Export deliveries have been sent to the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium, Turkey, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany and Kazakhstan. The main export items of the region are refined and petrochemical products. In September 2016 Tobolsk-Polymer LLC produced the first millionth ton of polypropylene. 450 thousand tons of polypropylene produced in Tobolsk in 2016 is one third of the all-Russian output and a significant part of the non-resource exports of the region. Another leader is Tyumen Plywood Manufacturing Plant - 85% of its production is exported to 49 countries. Ishim Meat Cutting Plant exported three tons of sausage products to Kazakhstan in 2016. Zavodoukovsk Butter Making Factory exported about eight tons of unrefined rapeseed oil to European countries. Slada Company sold 29 tons of confectionery products to Armenia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan in 2016. Chilled fish and condensed milk are also exported to the near-abroad countries. Krimm Farming Complany sells planting and commercial potatoes. Tyumen Aerosols Plant actively introduces its products to the foreign market.

Source: Press service of the Governor of the Tyumen region

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