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Finnish Fortum wants to erect six wind farms in Ulyanovsk Region

The Director of Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation Sergey Vasin reports that a federal tender for selecting wind farm construction projects in various constituent entities of the Russian Federation has been completed. Fortum, a Finnish company, which is already installing 14 wind-driven generators in Krasny Yar, intends to build 6 wind farms with a total power of 236 MW in the Ulyanovsk Region until 2021. In general, the Russian market is shared by the following three companies today: Fortum (Finland), Vetroogk (Rosatom Concern) and Enel (Italy).

According to Andrey Nesteruk, the Vice-President of Fortum's investment programme, the rated capacity of the wind farm is 35 Megawatts. For example, this will allow providing more than 12 thousand households with electric power.

According to the Director of Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation Sergey Vasin, the wind farm construction project is a large one in terms of investments with more than RUB 5 billion being injected.

"We are not limited to these installations as our plans contemplate expansion to 500 MW, Mr. Vasin said. "We want to construct several purely wind-driven power stations. We are now doing wind monitoring in several districts of the region. There is an objective to achieve a 30% share for renewable energy in a long-term outlook.

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