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US company intending to produce 25 mln liters of varnish and paint at Lipetsk SEZ

A car paint which is used by virtually all machine-building plants will now be produced in Lipetsk. The new US plant designed to produce PPG paints and varnishes has been launched in the SEZ.

Annually, the plant's conveyor will release 25 mln liters of varnish and paint. A half of the products is designed for the automotive industry. The paint of this brand is used by VAZ, GAZ, KamAZ and a domestic branch of Toyota. The remaining 50% of the products are substantially coatings for industrial and packing metals. Paints for ships and aircrafts will also be produced. Today, the plant uses ready-made formulas. The next stage is to create a new color pallete. The symbolical ribbon was cut by the Deputy Minister of the Russian Agriculture Ivan Lebedev, the Governor of the Lipetsk Region Oleg Korolyov and PPG’s Chief Executive Officer Michael McHarry.

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