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Chinese to create farming machinery assembly plant in Penza Region

On June 15, during his visit to the People's Republic of China, Governor Ivan Belozertsev of the Penza Region discussed cooperation prospects with Chinese partners, describing the region's potential and conditions for investing to arrange production.

Representatives of the Chinese party in their turn declared intention to create a joint venture to assemble agricultural machinery.

According to the Press Office of the regional government, the Governor has supported this offer, noting that there are suitable areas in the Penza region, and has invited the partners to discuss production localization opportunities in situ. He also suggested to think about the manufacturing of product processing lines.

"Today agricultural machinery and machinery designed for housing and public utilities is in demand in Russia. The regional agriculture is developing with 75 thousand hectares of lands having been allocated for crop rotation last year," Ivan Belozertsev clarified.

Besides, investors from the People's Republic of China are ready to be engaged in "small generation" in Penza meaning the use of electricity to cover the needs of a product processing plant and directing surplus to other consumers.

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