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Chelyabinsk Region and South Korea discuss cooperation options at business forum

The creation of joint machine building facilities has been proposed.

A Korean delegation headed by the Ambassador Plenipotentiary in Russia has arrived at the South Ural's capital. The guests were in the first place interested in the operations of major industrial enterprises as foreign companies might supply modern environmentally friendly equipment to them. It is robustly manufactured in Korea.

"Korea for the Chelyabinsk Region is the products we use. This includes cars, telephone sets, one of new projects discussed today providing for the delivery of new equipment for Chelyabinsk Electro-Metallurgic Plant and great demand on the part of the Korean side for the materials manufactured by CEMP. We have a strong potential in agriculture, food processing and exporting of these products," Ruslan Gattarov, the Vice Governor of the Region, said.

The parties also addressed production localization options for major industrial brands originating from Korea in the Chelyabinsk Region. They also discussed the creation of joint ventures to deal with machine building, health care and pharmaceutics.

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