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Siemens Finance continuing to upgrade oil refinery in Samara Region

The leasing company continues cooperation with SAMARATRANSNEFT-TERMINAL (PetRoNeft Group) to construct and equip an oil refinery. Currently, the company is working at the erection of the second phase of the complex expected to be commissioned in late 2017 and will enable increasing output to 2 mtpa.

After successfully implementing six projects, the oil refinery's management contacted Siemens Finance to lease an analytical management system (process automation system) costing RUB 5.5 mln for its "Recycling Water Supply Block" process platform (created in 2016 by Siemens). The art-of-the-state equipment is intended to control water supply to CDU/VDU 1.5 (oil refinery's second phase). It will enable vacuum topping thus improving oil conversion ratio and ultimately enabling the output of a purer product called vacuum gas oil. The total processing capacity of the refinery's first and second phases will be 3 to 3.5 ktpa. Almost at the same time, a RUB 37+ mln project aimed to supply Siemens panel equipment to the refinery was launched. It will be involved in the distribution of incoming raw materials and shipping of dark-oil products at the product pumping house's section.

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