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US investors to produce fuel from air in Moscow Region

An American investor has expressed a wish to erect a complex capable of producing synthetic fuel from industrial carbon dioxide wastes in the metropolitan area.

Fuelcor is ready to invest some $750 mln in the project. It should be noted that there have been no requests or proposals on the part of the investor addressed to the Government of the Moscow Region seeking participation in the co-financing of the project.

Fuelcor International proposes to introduce a technology capable of utilizing CO2 discharged by the enterprise to the atmosphere and produce synthetic fuel based on it. To process and convert CO2 into energy carrier, the facility needs special equipment that will be supplied by the American party. The product resulting from primary chemical processes will then be sent to an oil refinery where the synthetic fuel will be converted into gasoline, diesel oil or jet fuel.

The project has already been approved by Moscow Region Development Corporation. It is going to create more than a hundred of new jobs and output five hundred thousand barrels of synthetic fuel annually. Apart from economic benefits, the project will doubtlessly improve environmental situation in the Moscow Region as about 1.5 million tonnes of decontaminated oxygen will get into the atmosphere annually.

Fuelcor International holds patented technology enabling the conversion of CO2 into liquid synthetic fuel. The company's representatives are ready to cooperate with oil refineries, metallurgic enterprises and TPPs.

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