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Chinese company to make beach umbrellas and grow orchids in Buryatia

Activa (China) has proceeded to implementing two investment projects with a total value of RUB 1 billion in Buryatia as the foreigners intend to set up a facility to manufacture wooden beach umbrellas and grow orchids on a year-round basis.

The both facilities would be deployed in Bryansk village, Kuban District. At the first phase, the Chinese investors intend to create a 120 ktpa facility designed to deeply process timber and manufacture beach umbrellas being in demand from the touristic sector. Furthermore, Activa is going to erect up to 50,000 square meters of warehouse facilities featuring railway access roads to provide cargo processing services to trading and logistics companies in the same village.

The same production site will host a year-round greenhouse complex designed to grow orchids. The first greenhouse is expected to be launched in Q2 2017 to be heated by a boiler house fueled by timber processing wastes.

The Chinese company's future plans include the construction of an up-to-date road-side compound comprising a car-park, a petrol-filling station as well as a hotel and leisure area in the same district.

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