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Chinese investors to turn to Kamchatka deers

Governor Vladimir Ilyukhin of the Kamchatka Territory has discussed cooperation prospects with representatives of Lon Han, a Beijing based investment management group, as reported by the Press Office of the Territory Government.

"In this journey, we pursue specific goals. The first of them is cooperation with LLC Deer Farming Development Revival. We are interested in this business. Secondly, we are interested in pure water from Kamchatka. As you know, we have such a problem in China," the company's CEO Zhou Xhuanchen told.

The Chinese investors expressed interested in joint operations with LLC Deer Farming Development Revival and LLC Russian Water. Lon Han intends to invest into the infrastructure of Kamchatka enterprises that already exists and greenfield projects. The representatives of China prioritize projects associated with the manufacturing of meat, fish products and pharmaceutical products, potable water and tourism.

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