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Japanese wind-powered generators to appear in Yakutia

Tiksi, a Yakutia village, is going to host a wind farm designed by Japanese experts for operation in arctic conditions. This has been reported by Vyacheslav Yemelyanov, the Chief of the Regional Department of Energy.

Experts of Komaihaltec inc. (Japan) are expected to arrive at Tiksi shortly to ascertain necessary parameters and select the most optimal site to install the generators. The project contemplates the construction of 3 wind farms during its first phase and another 7 wind powered generators at its second phase. The implementation of the project is expected to save about 227 tonnes of diesel fuel annually.

We remind that the Government of Karelia has recently executed a contract with a Chinese company to construct an offshore 60 MW wind farm. The cost of the project to be implemented in 2020 is going to total approximately RUB 9 billion.

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