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Chinese company to take part in Irkutsk Region gas infrastructure development

TBEA (China) intends to engage in energy projects in Siberia and Russian Far East. In particular, the Chinese want to participate in the development of gas infrastructure in the Irkutsk Region. Cooperation with the supplier of power engineering equipment was discussed at a meeting held between Yuri Trutnev, the Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Government, and the company's management. TBEA took interest in an opportunity to launch a production facility in one of the Khabarovsk Territory's priority development areas.

According to Alexey Chekunkov, the CEO of Far East Development Fund, representatives of the company are interested in the development of gas infrastructure in the Irkutsk Region and would like to participate in the deep processing of gas inside the Region. The company is considering options for manufacturing power engineering equipment in the Khabarovsk Territory. Solar and wind power generation may become the company's third area of business.

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