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Kursk natives to help German and Russian businesses to implement joint projects

On December 13, Kursk Region Development and Economic Cooperation Center executed with Schwartze Pumpe II, a Russian-German Center, an agreement contemplating the attraction of investors from Russia and West Germany to implement joint business projects.

The agreement establishing Kursk Region Development Economic Cooperation Center was executed during the latest Korensakaya Fair between JSC Kursk Region Investment Attraction Agency, LLC Sovtest ATE (Kursk, Russia) and ASG Spremberg (Germany). The Kursk and German entities acted as founders of the Center which was created on November 25.

Numerous challenging tasks were set for the new venture. According to Sovtest ATE's Development Directorate, the Center is going to analyze the production capacities of the Kursk Region's businesses and Brandenburg (German land), select promising projects and products, to promote them and to perform a number of other functions. The point at issue is the promotion of business ideas both in West Germany and Russia.

Russian-German company called Schwarze Pumpe II became the first major partner for the Center. Today, a contract has been executed on Sovtest ATE's site to provide the company with market development, coordination, sales promotion and investor attraction services.

Schwarze Pumpe II is substantially a technology park expected to be created inside one of the Region's operating industrial parks. Looking forward, the production site must unite Russian-German businesses involved in machine-building, agriculture and raw materials processing. Moreover, the Germans would like to implement, jointly with Kurksvodokanal, a project to construct treatment facilities.

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