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Astrakhan Region is open for cooperation with Iran

The Russian Iranian Business Forum has started in Astrakhan. Chairman of the Regional Government Konstantin Markelov welcomed participants, including a representative delegation from Iran headed by Seyed Hossein Hameshi, the Governor General of Tehran Province, on behalf of the Astrakhan Region's Governor Alexander Zhilkin.

This is the second time the Russian-Iranian Business Forum takes place in Astrakhan this year. And while ties with Gilan, Mazandaran, Golestan and Huzestan Provinces are long-standing, the businessmen from Iran's capital province are visiting the Astrakhan Region for the first time ever.

"We are ready to afford the Iranian partners the opportunity to construct logistic hubs here to boost mutual export and import supplies using the international transport corridor 'North-South'," Astrakhan's Vice Governor Konstantin Markelov said. "We suggest that Special Economic Zone 'Lotos' be used."

In his turn, Governor General Seyed Hossein Hameshi of Tehran Province is quoted as saying: "We will try to expand relations between our countries on a regional level." In his opinion, it is "necessary to clean up the road for the private sector" for this purpose.

A contacts exchange has opened at the Russian-Italian Forum. The two countries' partners held negotiations in a 'narrow' format.

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