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Chinese to erect wind farm in Karelia

Sinomec, a China based energy producer, is about to reach agreement with the Government of the Republic of Karelia on cooperation to enable the Chinese party to construct a wind farm in the White Sea. The new wind form would cost RUB 10 billion for the both parties. The Press Office of the Republic of Karelia's Governor has reported that the construction is going to be funded by the both parties – Sinomec and Russian Direct Investments Fund.

Alexander Hudilainen, the Governor of the Republic, has told that the implementation of the project will not only strengthen cooperation and become a new phase of cooperation between Karelia and China but would also facilitate the creation of new jobs for the residents of the Region.

Russia already has one wind farm constructed in the Ulyanovsk Region by Fortum (Finland) but the Karelia based wind farm will generate energy using coastal sea winds.

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