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Chinese firm intends to assemble tractors and harvesters in Khabarovsk

A $100 million project is intended to be implemented by Chinese investors in Khabarovsk advanced social and economic development territory.

Representatives of Dunzin, a Harbin-based corporation, have arrived at the Regional Capital in order to explore the advantages offered by the advanced social and economic development territory in situ. Apart from this, the guests from the Heavenly Empire have presented their project.

"First of all, the Chinese want to construct in Khabarovsk a line to manufacture such agricultural machinery as harvesters, tractors and crop-collecting machines," Oleg Fomin, the Chief of the Regional Center Food Industry & Food Supplies Department, told. "300 to 400 units are going to be assembled annually. For this purpose, all components will be imported from China. Furthermore, the facility will become a base station designed for repairing and maintaining the machinery intended to be used by the Chinese party for its own purposes, sold or leased out to local agricultural businesses."

The second phase of the project contemplates the creation of a large agricultural compound to store and process agricultural products grown in the Region. On top of it, the site must become a base for importing Russian commodities to the PRC.

The amount declared to be invested by Dunzin to implement the project is US$100 million to be spent within 3 years. The Chinese and Russian parties are currently exploring all aspects in relation to the project.

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