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Krasnokamsk plant-and-paper mill to benefit from Austrian equipment

A facility to produce coated chromersatz FBB board (Folding Box oard) is going to be created based on KAMA Plant-and-Paper Mill (Krasnokamsk). New production and auxiliary buildings with a total area of 100 thousand square meters are going to be erected as part of the project. Core equipment will be supplied by ANDRITZ AG (a leading Austrian manufacturer of pulp and paper equipment). The production of coated board is essentially a process of coating cardboard sheets (body paper) with a solution comprising pigments, adhesive materials, pigment dispersers and substances giving various properties to the product. The product is used to make colorful consumer packages.

The plant's capacity will be 220 kpta. Investments will total RUB 29.3 billion. The products will be supplied to both domestic and foreign markets. The plant is expected to take a 65% share in the Russian FBB market. The Government of the Perm Territory and KAMA Pulp-and-Paper Plant intend to execute a special investment contract next year.

Coated board is supplied to Russia mainly from abroad: Finland (43%), China (14%) and Sweden (13%). A total of 172.6 thousand tonnes was supplied in 2015. The total price of box board supplied in 2015 was EUR 157 million. Today, FBB is manufactured in the country in very insignificant quantities by KnaufPeterobrod in Saint Petersburg. Coated melon has also been manufactured in Buryatia by Seleginsk Pulp-and-Paper Plant since 1998.

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