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French to produce spices and detergents in Chelyabinsk

The Chelyabinsk Region is going to become Russia's first region to host a facility to be erected by B2F (France).

It doesn't take one day for investments to reach Russia. It is what Oleg Vitkovsky, the President of the Ural Economic Union, learns on every occasion. He told that the Union had been cooperating with B2F for more than a year.

This time, Chelyabinsk land has been visited by three representatives of B2F group simultaneously. The guests included Darec Kalinovsky, a representative of B2F in Poland, and two Presidents of B2F group, brothers Benoit Fretin and Bruno Fretin (France).

The French businessmen held meetings at the International Trade Center with representatives of entities facilitating businesses development, in particular, representatives of the City Investment Development Agency.

According to Benoit Fretin, this visit made it clear for them that Chelyabinsk has stuff to do.

"Now we want to create a team to work directly at South Ural as we see that this region has its own peculiarities as France does", the CEO of the Group said.

B2F specializes in the production of supplements and spices for the food industry, detergents for professional cleaning and water treatment technology. They hold leading positions in the area in France.

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