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Tomsk-Germany: new private medicine opportunities

A business mission of Tomsk based private medicine companies to Germany ended last week. The mission's members included Zdoroviye Healthcare Union, Treatment & Diagnostics Center, Private Clinic, Perinatal Health Center, Aesthetic Clinic, Doctor Bormental, Beauty & Health Center and others.

During the week, Tomsk natives held presentations and negotiations in the offices of the Bavarian Ministry of Health, held negotiations at Siemens Ultraschall Center (Erlangen), Nürnberg Klinikum (one of leading clinics of Germany), Kinderwunsch (reproductive center), and Munich Interdisciplinary Oncology Center.

"The visit to Germany gave new momentum. Having familiarized ourselves with best EU practices, we are planning now to open a new clinic in Tomsk using state-of-the-art technology," Natalya Popova, the CEO of Beauty & Health Center, said.

"Germany is, hands down, a leader in healthcare services. The incredible experience featured by specialists of this country relates to medical practice and medical equipment production. During the visit, we were shown such equipment which is likely to be purchased in Russia only in five years at the earliest. But this is not the main result. For me, the exchange of best practices with German colleagues and getting insight into the national healthcare system and operations of healthcare centers was the most valuable experience. Based on what we have seen, we will change some approaches to our operating process and improve services we offer," M.D. Sergey Yuriyev, the CEO of Perinatal Health Center, noted.

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