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Israeli company to contribute into developing dairy industry in Smolensk Region

Deputy Governor Rostislav Rovbel of the Smolensk Region has held a working meeting with representatives of TESSA I.E.C.GROUP LTD, a leading Israeli company manufacturing equipment for dairy plants. Mini-plants made by TESSA I.E.C.GROUP LTD" feature all necessary equipment to establish a closed-cycle process, including equipment designed to accept, cool down, pasteurize, separate, ferment and pack finished products. The company has expressed interest in developing the dairy industry in the Region. Today, a total of 27 dairy enterprises belong to the regional agricultural products processing sector. Approximately 87 thousand tonnes of produced milk are exported outside the region for a total of RUB 1.7 billion. "A remarkable share of projects being implemented in the Smolensk Region pertains to agriculture. As regards trends, the development of the regional dairy industry and supporting of farmers are now being intensively explored. For instance, industrial processing will facilitate the development of farm businesses and private farm households accounting for 43% of the total milk production in the Region", Rostislav Rovbel emphasized. Apart from the manufacturing of equipment for dairy plants, the company successfully upgrades existing dairy facilities after a preliminary expert assessment of their available equipment. Representatives of TESSA I.E.C.GROUP LTD are expected to show the company's presentation at the "Development Territory" Forum which is going to take place in Smolensk from the 31st of October through the 2nd November 2016. TESSA dates back to more than 30 years ago and supplies its branded equipment across the globe. It has been operating in the Russian market since 1986.

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