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Chinese investor offers to erect large recreational complex in Primorye

Vasily Usoltsev, the First Vice Governor of the Primorye Territory, has held a meeting with Yan Chanlin the Chairman of Chinxin Tyanxi Hot Springs' Management Board. The Chinese prominent businessman's visit was driven by his intention to implement a project to construct a recreational complex.

Yan Chanlin told that the company founded by him specialized in constructing and operating hotel facilities featuring thermal springs and SPA resorts.

The Chinese delegation inspected a number of sites, in particular sites located in the Hasansky District and communicated with executives of some banks and entrepreneurs, and intends to continue to view local sites. According to the businessman, the Primorye Territory is interesting thanks to its location, unique nature and environment. "We anticipate that our project will essentially be a hotel complex featuring sea access, SPA, mud treatment opportunities and thermal springs. Such facility will operate all year round, not only during a short season. The hotel must become part of nature. The construction of closed parks and wildlife sanctuaries is a fashionable trend in China. Alike, the Russian Far East seems to be a "clean" place, not polluted", he said.

Yan Chanlin emphasized that he was going to make his project a landmark of the entire Territory to be known not only in Russia but across all Asia-Pacific Region countries. The businessman also noted that he would be delighted to consider other projects relating to the Primorye Territory as well, e.g. logistic, cargo transshipment and road construction projects.

The parties agreed to establish a team to prepare for implementing the Primorye Recreational Complex project.

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