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Czech facility BRISK opened in Togliatti

Czech company BRISK, supplier of spark plugs for OJSC “AVTOVAZ” opened a facility in Togliatti. Production Investments made up EUR 5 mln. The plant is to produce 5 mln. spark plugs per year.

Earlier constituent parts for AVTOVAZ were supplied by this company’s factory in the Kaliningrad region, but at the moment it is deactivated. Togliatti has been chosen as a new production site due to its close location to the car manufacturer. In the future the facility will be able to supply with spark plugs not only Russia but EU counties as well.

Head of the company Mojmír Čapka believes that a new plant will fully meet the demands of AVTOVAZ for spark plugs : We will no more deliver them here from Czechia or Kaliningrad. In Togliatti not a single employee is Czech, they are all Russians, who have mastered production technology at our plant. Apart from spark plugs, BRISK manufactures sensors. We are the family supplier of this product for Volkswagen Group. Now we hold talks with AVTOVAZ on sensors supply, therefore it is quite possible that in the future we will transfer their production to Togliatti.

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