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Czech businessmen want to invest into Chelyabinsk Region's alternative energy sources

According to the Association of the Ural Small Energy, on the 24th of October, the Region is going to be visited by a business delegation from the Czech Republic to discuss cooperation prospects relating to distributed generation and alternative power sources.

Czech businesses' readiness to share technology and invest into joint energy projects was mentioned as early as in February last year by Oldrich Sommer, acting Consul General of the Czech Republic in Yekaterinburg, in the course of his visit to the headquarters of the Association of the Ural Small Energy. It was his initiative that gave rise to the creation of a group of businessmen this year comprising representatives of such major energy companies as JSC Enkom and JSC Fans and a number of financial organizations.

"Despite the ongoing intensive development of energy related cooperation with the countries of the eastern block such as China, Iran and UAE, there is still great interest in Europe," Maksim Zagornov, the President of the Association of the Ural Small Energy, commented on the forthcoming visit. "The Association of the Ural Small Energy already has experience of interacting with Czech companies such as ComAp and Tedom. We learned by our own experience that the Czechs are reliable partners. I hope that the coming negotiations will be fruitful."

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