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Austrian machine-tools building company arrives at Novosibirsk in search for partners

A German-Austrian delegation has arrived at Novosibirsk to introduce its facilities to the CEOs of local industrial enterprises.

As part of the business visit made by the representatives of Austrian and German industrial businesses to Novosibirsk, meetings were arranged between the foreign guests and CEOs of local industrial enterprises, research and educational institutions, representatives of the Siberian Federal District's municipal administrations as well as metal processing and machine building experts. An introductory seminar of Millturn Technologies GmbH&Co.KG, an Austrian construction company, took 2 days.

The goal of the foreign delegation's visit is to explore Novosibirsk's industrial market, to determine the range of potential corporate partners manufacturing sophisticated components and to lay the foundation for further cooperation.

"We have already made certain steps in this area – we have held presentations and met with the CEOs of several enterprises and companies. We will then work on developing partnership relations," Norbert Yungraitmeyer, the CEO of Millturn Technologies GmbH&Co.KG., said.

Apart from the representative of Millturn Technologies GmbH&Co.KG., Novosibirsk has also been visited by Ekhard Maurer, the CEO of SMW-Autoblok Spannsysteme GmbH (Germany). As part of the delegation's work, they inspected the operations of Novosibirsk Academic Park and visited the city's industrial facilities and educational institutions.

Ekhard Maurer noted that had already been to Novosibirsk in 2015. A subsidiary of the German company has been operating in Russia since 2009 but only a while ago a decision was made to develop operations in the eastern part of the country. The company liked Novosibirsk. "Now we are here and ready to develop cooperation," Mr. Maurer emphasized.

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