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Iranian businessmen intend to invest into Dagestan's agribusinesses

Iranian businesses intend to contribute into agriculture, seed production, waste processing and poultry farming in Dagestan. This was addressed at a meeting held between the Chairman of Dagestan's Government and a delegation from the Islamic Republic of Iran headed by Vosugi-Irani Hossein, the General Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Iranian province Ardabil.

According to Sarvi Adil, the Chief of Ardabil Province's agricultural jihad organization, the level of economic and trading cooperation between Iran and Russia has considerably increased. "Two of the delegates visiting the Republic are ready to invest money to develop Dagestan's agribusinesses. We have a considerable potential and opportunities to make agricultural products and produce seeds. Ardabil Province amounts to 80% of Iran's total seed production; it grows wheat, makes wheat products and produces poultry meat. We are ready to cooperate in these areas as well," he noted.

Halafi Farshad, a member of the Board of Directors of Tasnim Hush, said that he was ready to cooperate in a host of areas, including power economy. "We have already constructed a factory capable of producing electric energy from wastes in our country. We are ready to explore Makhachkala's potential and to closely liaise with you to conserve environment in your country," Mr.Farhad emphasized.

The potential construction of a storage facility at Makhachkala's Commercial Seaport for Ardabil Province, where Iranian investors could store their products, was also mentioned during the meeting.

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