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Russian-Chinese company to create 3 farms in Tomsk Region by 2021

Russian-Chinese agricultural group called "Tomsky" is going to have 2 dairy farms created in the Tomsk Region and a bankrupt farm used to breed the Hereford cattle restored by 2021, according to Vladimir Tissen, the General Director of the agricultural group.

The beef-producing farm with 140 Herefords located in the Pervomaysky District is going to be purchased from bankrupt Siberia Group (agricultural group) at the end of this year. Tomsky plans to have a beef-producing facility created based on the farm by 2019. The facility will feature 1 thousand forage-fed Herefords with the total herd comprising 2,630 cows. The company plans to purchase cows from national farms. The amount to be invested in the project in 2017 and 2018 is estimated at a level of RUB 435 million.

Mr. Tissen noted that a 2.6 thousand cattle dairy farm would be put in operation in 2019 in the village of Mazalovo, Tomsk Region, with the total animal stock being 6.3 thousand cows, and engineering operations in connection with the project would start in 2017.

He added that the company planned to create another dairy farm based on Pervomayskoye agricultural company until 2021. In order to arrange a forage base for the cattle, it is necessary to return long-fallow lands into agricultural operation. RUB 175 million will be invested in the first phase of the project. Once it becomes clear how many cows the potential forage base can cover, the size of the farm and the amount to be invested will be determined.

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