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Korean company takes interest in INRTU's aviation inventions

Contec., Co LTD, a South Korean company, has signed an aircraft engineering cooperation agreement with the Irkutsk National Research Technical University based on the results of Baikal INNOTECH seminar held in Irkutsk. According to the University's Press Office, the deed envisages information and personnel exchanges.

The Koreans also took interest in inventions relating to pharmacy and the chemical industry as well as projects relating to water treatment and agriculture.

The Baikal INNOTECH seminar held at INRTU was attended by 9 companies from South Korean representing the aerospace industry, machine building and agribusinesses. Russia was represented by small and medium-size enterprises and officers of the technical university and institutes being members of the Irkutsk Research Center, Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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